Saturday, March 12, 2005

New Blood

After a short time, I approached Jeff with the idea of rehearsing with Todd and I. The first couple of sessions were a mixture of nerves and excitement. It had been a while since we had a bass player to rehearse with and I was really enjoying the playing freedom it afforded me.

Jeff was a big Beatles fan and knew just about everything the Beatles ever recorded. Todd and I weren't really fans but welcomed the influence it would have on what we had been writing and rehearsing. I was wearing out the grooves of my Rush - All The Worlds A Stage LP and loaned it to Jeff. The difference between Paul McCartney and Geddy Lee is pretty dramatic as their music covers a totally different spectrum.

We continued to play together for a couple more months and soon we decided to take some new songs into the studio at Bob Goodsite's once again. Basically, we reworked an earlier song I wrote, "Stand Up", and wrote a new song called, "You Come Crawlin' Back". Todd had written the lyrics and Jeff and I thrashed out the music.

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