Thursday, August 31, 2006

Grand Funk endures musical change - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Grand Funk endures musical change - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:
"Don Brewer didn't expect Grand Funk Railroad's run to be lengthy. When the band disbanded after seven years, he was not at all surprised.

'We felt like we had a good run, from 1969 to 1976,' he says, 'and we were very thankful and thought that was about it. Let's all move on.'

Brewer, who performs with the band Sunday at Heinz Field as part of the Pittsburgh Steelers Kickoff and Rib Festival, didn't reckon with the American passion for nostalgia. When classic-rock radio re-emerged in the 1990s and the band's CDs began to be reissued, people started to ask, wither Grand Funk?"

Just a few news items I found today about one of my strongest musical influences.


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