Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Metallica tries to revive classic sound on 'Death Magnetic'

Chicago Tribune
In the last decade, Metallica has had a few image problems. They had run-ins with Napster and fans who were downloading their music, then they battled with each other and fired their bass player. Once metal innovators, they became parodies of bloated, past-their-prime rock stars in the "Spinal Tap"-like 2004 documentary "Some Kind of Monster."

With its scenes of petty in-fighting, group therapy, and champagne-sipping extravagance, "Monster" exposed a band that had lost touch with everything that had once made it great.

"Death Magnetic" (Warner), the band’s first studio album in five years and the ninth in its 25-year career, tries to rehabilitate the band’s image by explicitly referencing its late ‘80s Golden Age.


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