Sunday, July 05, 2009

1.6M Jackson fans await word on memorial tickets

I know, I know.
I swear this will be my only contribution to the Michael Jackson 24/7 news cycle (unless we all find out that the butler did it, in the billiard room, with the candlestick.)

MJ may have been a victim of his excesses as so many before him. Jackson seems to have abused himself as much as many of those around him did.

I don't think I can say he was as groundbreaking as Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, John Lennon but he certainly knew it was his time in cultural history. He jumped into the MTV revolution and defined the medium for many other artists. In this respect, he was a force.

I do believe he was committed to his music with an integrity and determination forgotten by most other entertainers. Too bad he couldn't find a way to transcend this to his personal life.

iWon News
The more than 1.6 million fans who registered for tickets to Michael Jackson's memorial service will learn Sunday whether they are among the lucky few to win tickets for the Tuesday ceremony.

Fans registered for free at the Staples Center Web site for the random drawing of only 8,750 names. Each person selected will receive two tickets and will be notified by e-mail after 11 a.m. PDT Sunday, according to a Staples Center news release.

The odds of getting a ticket were about 1 in 183.

The tickets will admit 11,000 people to the Staples Center plus 6,500 in the Nokia Theater overflow section next door.


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