Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Rush drummer uncomfortable with fame

Toronto Sun
Over the years — in addition to his main gig with singer-bassist Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson — the celebrated and innovative percussionist has written four non-fiction books about his life, career and travels; released two full-length instructional drum videos; done cartoon voiceovers and film cameos; organized tribute albums and concerts to iconic drummer Buddy Rich; and regularly blogs, reviews books and even shares recipes on his website. Most recently, he recorded a drum-based version of the iconic The Hockey Theme for TSN and shot a video to go with it, playing a custom-made kit bearing the insignias of all 30 NHL teams.

To publicize his latest project, the intensely private Peart — who retreated more or less permanently from the media after the tragic deaths of his daughter and first wife in the late ’90s — emerged from hiding to talk with QMI Agency. And while he still shies away from personal questions, the personable ex-pat was happy to chat about everything from the future of Rush and the integrity of the album, to parenthood and pop music.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Neil's come out a bit more than he had since the tragedies of the late 90's. He's rebuilt his life and started a new family and did the impossible by playing with Rush again. Its definitely a job now and he makes now qualms about hating road life in his 2 books. But I think he's accepted that fact and is starting to do more interviews. Just this past month, I've seen 2 with small Canadian press.

In 2002, you probably couldn't even get him to do a 30 second radio spot. As if people still listen to free commercial radio anyway. In short, he's mostly managed to overcome his demons and his by far more accessible than someone like say, Axl Rose. Who hid from the media for so many years after breaking up with his girlfriend and then seeing his band break up right before his very eyes. In comparison, Neil has much more character and should be looked upon as a legend. Which he truly is.

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