Thursday, April 08, 2010

Malcom McLaren, Former Sex Pistols Manager, Dies

Famed rock 'n' roll raconteur Malcom McLaren, best known as the manager of the Sex Pistols, died Thursday (Apr. 8) in New York City at the age of 64.

McLaren's spokesman, Les Molloy, told the U.K.'s Independent that McLaren had been battling cancer "for some time, but recently had been in full health, which then rapidly deteriorated." Molloy said McLaren's body will be buried in London's Highgate Cemetery.

McLaren was born into a working class family in London's Stoke Newington section. After attending art college, he and designer Vivienne Westwood opened a Kings Road clothing store in 1971 called Let It Rock, later renamed Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die. Having traveled to New York in 1972, McLaren began making stage clothes for the New York Dolls and subsequently managed the group.


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