Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finding and nurturing your musical niche

From DiscMakers blog
"It may sound discouraging, but to be successful you need to compete with the several million musicians worldwide who are online vying for the attention, loyalty, and money of music fans. And I do mean millions – right now, Reverbnation alone has a community of over three million musicians registered to their platform. To make it more complicated, you need to attract the right kind of fans: Super Fans. Fans fall into three categories: Passive Fans, Active Fans, and Super Fan – and most fall into the first two. The Super Fans, those dedicated nearly to the point of evangelism; those willing to spend money on your CDs, product releases, web streams, ticket sales, and merch; the ones who want to stay connected to you; these are the minority. They are also the fans you want to nurture so that they continue to support you over the long-term."

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