Monday, February 17, 2014

Rock in Crisis: Is the ‘Album Era’ over?

From Classic Rock Magazine -
"Allow me a brief reminiscence. In September 1975, during the golden age of the album, I saved up £2.99 in pocket money and excitedly went to buy Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here on the day of its release. Discovering that Electrip Records (now defunct: such foreshadowing!) was charging £3.50, I was, to use a term not then invented, gutted. Of course, as the album age progressed, the price of albums was to soar to a fiver and then a tenner, where it settled for years. The 21st century has sent the skittles flying; a paradigm shift has occurred, offering many benefits and many disturbances. Most new albums can now be downloaded for a fiver or so, and if you don’t want all of it you can usually cherry-pick your favourite tracks for 99p or less each. It’s the new – dread phrase – business model. If only the manager of Electrip Records had let me buy three quarters of Wish You Were Here, I wouldn’t have trudged home disconsolate and been excluded from the hot topic of discussion in the schoolyard the next Monday."
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