Friday, March 07, 2014

A Very Candid Conversation With David Stone

Couldn't resist .... This snip from Stone Cold Crazy -
"Perhaps the most elusive of all Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow members is David Stone. Stone had been in the progressive rock trio Symphonic Slam before joining Rainbow. He appeared after previous keyboardist Tony Carey left after Blackmore played too many pranks on him. Stone (along with new bass player Bob Daisley) joined Rainbow to tour Europe in 1977. They would then complete the third album Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll. Stone’s biggest contribution to Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow would also be a high point: “Gates of Babylon.” This is a song with soaring vocals by Ronnie James Dio, unusual chord structures for Blackmore and backed with an orchestra. Yet despite the musical complexity of the song, it is loud and heavy for the metal fans to enjoy. Blackmore fan Yngwie Malmsteen has stated that “Gates of Babylon” is a high point."

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